Virtue and Character Training

Achieve True Success

Lasting solutions to family struggles come as family members develop character qualities such as obedience, sensitivity, and forgiveness. By emphasizing, requiring, and recognizing positive character qualities, you can help your children reach their full potential.

Character First! provides a unique approach to personal growth with training and practical resources based on forty-nine specific character qualities. The Character First! Family Seminar is designed to help you and your family work together to achieve true success.

Strengthen Family Relationships

This exciting training will give you practical insights into how character relates to family relationships, child development, praise, correction, and other aspects of your life. The Family Seminar uses live presentation, dynamic visuals, and short video dramas to show how you can make character a priority in your home.

Have you ever wondered why some families get along peacefully and find true contentment, while others are ravaged by anger, bitterness, and division? Common experience indicates money, education, and opportunities do not solve these challenges. Come to the Family Seminar and discover the difference character can make in your life and family.

Build strong family relationships
Resolve relationship tensions
Identify and minimize challenging behavioral problems
Develop respect and harmony
Praise children effectively
Improve parental unity

The Character Building Family Seminar

To build a strong community, we must build strong families. Highlighting character in the classroom, on the job, and through the media reinforces positive character in families. One way Character Cities can strengthen families is by giving resident families a copy of Achieving True Success: How to Build Character as a Family.

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—Christi Johnson, ACE Coordinator, University Health Care System

“Of all the materials and resources becoming available on character these days, Achieving True Success jumps out for its excellent format, the conciseness of the writing, and depth of the content.”

—Russell B. Pulliam, Associate Editor, Indianapolis Star

Character Building Family Seminar
The Character Family is the core of a Character City. It is there, at the family level, that lasting societal change must occur.
Build Character as a Family

Achieving True Success

How to Build Character as a Family is a full-color, 75-page, hardbound book designed to help family members develop character together. It includes a step-by-step outline of how to make character-building a team effort. Practical ideas and projects provide motivation for fulfilling responsibilities in the home and serving in the community. Each character quality is defined, illustrated, and applied to daily living. The Character Family idea is not meant to burden an already busy schedule. Instead, it provides a new perspective on daily life.

Book of success
When the family wins, the community wins!

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