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Your Coach David Petersen works with Seniors to protect their most important assets when the time is needed. We help you make sure everything is in order for you and your family. Our Phoenix, Arizona-based team is with you step-by-step to handle the ins and outs of choosing the right life insurance policy. We find life insurance and asset protection that is affordable, fair, and will protect you and your family now, and down the line.

Life Insurance Policy

Are you looking for a no-obligation whole or term life insurance quote? David Petersen will help you to find the perfect policy for your future.

We Offer a Huge Array of Life Insurance Options

Deciding on life insurance is one of the most responsible choices you will make in your life. This type of insurance protects the finances of your family should the unexpected occur. David Petersen offers extensive choices for life insurance coverage that caters to any budget. Your independent life insurance specialist will take a creative approach in helping you to develop the most exceptional policy that covers your needs now and in the future.

Life Insurance For Senior Citizens Mesa Az

Professional Assistance with Choosing Whole or Term Life Insurance for Seniors

As one of the leading whole life insurance companies in the country, David Petersen provides easy access to a huge range of insurance programs available. We help you determine the most affordable way to protect yourself financially. We walk you through the process of assessing each option and then connect you with the programs that will benefit you the most. Our personalized support throughout the process offers you the ongoing peace of mind that you are looking for.

Many customers that come to us are overwhelmed by the process of choosing life insurance. With the help of an independent life insurance specialist, you can easily understand each offering in terms of the benefits and costs associated with them. Then, you can make the right decision now without causing problems in the future.

David Petersen believes that there is no one size fits approach to life insurance. We take the time to advise our clients on the risks associated with many of the broad life insurance options in order to help you find the specific policy that suits your circumstances.

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David Petersen has over four decades of experience in helping clients find the right life insurance policy. To learn more, call us at (480) 694-2470.


One of the best ways to set up your retirement is to set up annuities. Annuities are tax-deferred monthly or yearly payments. These payments can help grow or protect your retirement savings and provide you with guaranteed income. We can find the right company to work with, so you can purchase the right annuity product.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is important to prepare for health coverage that may be needed for you and your family later in life. This insurance will reimburse you for the care needed in places such as a nursing home, an assisted living center, an adult daycare, as well as your home. This includes assistance that may include help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, getting in and out of bed, and taking medication. Long-term care insurance is essential to cover Alzheimer’s or other chronic medical conditions, without having to dip into your savings to pay for it.